Courtesy: Hilal Magazine of Pakistan Armed Forces, which published this graphic design with this article in December 2018.

ABOUT THIS ARTICLE | Today, 16 December 2020, is the 49th anniversary of one of the worst humiliations in Pakistani history, when Pakistani officers surrendered to victorious Indian officers and proxy Bengali insurgents in the city of Dhaka, in what on that day still was East Pakistan, before becoming the…

Few people know that India introduced state-sponsored terrorism and non-state conflict, also known as war by proxy, to South Asia, much in the same way that New Delhi introduced nuclear weapons to the region.
These measures were India’s disproportionate responses to the conflict over Kashmir with Pakistan. That conflict was…

President Trump poses for a photo with key Arab and Muslim allies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2017. Photo courtesy Manyika Review.

He improved America’s ties with traditional Cold War allies in the Muslim world, pushed Arab-Israel peace forward for the first time in quarter-century, did not start new American wars in Arab and Muslim-majority regions, and made progress on Afghanistan and Iran.

This is an impressive laundry list of achievements for a first-time president and a first-time politician. In just four years.

President Donald J. Trump impressed everyone with his come-from-behind election victory in 2016 (I was not surprised because I was then the only TV talk show host in Pakistan’s noisy…

For peace in this critical region, India and Pakistan must end Kashmir conflict. India’s annexation of Kashmir on 5 August 2019 is a watershed. On this first anniversary, in this final part in the series, Ahmed Quraishi explores opportunities to end this intractable conflict.

US President Donald Trump’s offer to…

For peace in a critical region, India and Pakistan must end Kashmir conflict. This series explores some ideas on the occasion of the first anniversary of India’s annexation of Kashmir.

India’s credentials as a responsible member of the international community faced a serious challenge in 2019, and continue to do…

Ahmed Quraishi

Journalist. National security, human rights, crisis communication. Keywords: brief & sharp.

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