Ahmed Quraishi is a multilingual Mideast journalist, war correspondent, and a TV personality. In 1998, he published portions of Turkey’s dossier on Syria’s alleged support for terrorism, which was one of the biggest stories of the region that year. His work is focused on the Middle East, Gulf region, Pakistan, and China. He covered the Iraq war accompanying Coalition forces, the 2006 Hezbollah-Israel conflict, Iran's regional proxy footprint, and extensively followed U.S. deployments around the region in the 1990s. His work is known to weave the cultural, social, and historical nuances of the region into compelling political storytelling. He currently hosts a flagship primetime television program, Riasat, on PTV News, Pakistan’s state-run network, based in Islamabad, Pakistan. He briefly worked in the Musharraf Administration in Pakistan in the 2000s, contributed to the U.S. State Department's post-9/11 outreach program for Muslim world in 2002-3; lectured at National Defense University-Islamabad, and contributed to exercises and events at NDU Beijing; the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP), and the EMF-Kazakhstan. Quraishi covered the invasion of Iraq in 200; covered Lebanon/Yemen/Syria/Afghanistan conflicts, and has written extensively on Palestinian politics, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Arab- and Muslim-Israel relations, and Kashmir conflict. [More about Ahmed Quraishi on LinkedIn, Facebook]



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Ahmed Quraishi

Journalist with an eye for stories hiding in the grey area between national security, changing societies, and human rights in the MENA region.