Dear Mr. Patel, I was hoping for an informed rebuttal of any point in the article, not a personal attack. Why do you show so much revulsion against American accent, real or fake? (which is not even related to the subject of this article). I have great respect for India as a nation and people. You would have discerned this had you gone through the article. My work is based on Indian sources, and I am open to any corrections if there are any factual issues, which I assure you there are none, to my best effort. As for Pakistan, let me assure you that that country has separatism issues too, just like India, and has a history of hits and misses when dealing with them. In fact, I will be publishing soon here my research paper on separatism in Pakistan. So, I expect you will retract your unnecessary personal attack, and I welcome your comments on arguments in the article. Thank you.

Journalist. National security, human rights, crisis communication. Keywords: brief & sharp.

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