In fact, treated very well. And yes, there are many cases of poor Pakistani Hindus in far-flung regions who are mistreated. But so are poor Pakistani Muslims in those areas. But I’ve had Pakistani Hindu colleagues. One of them was working as a DJ for Pakistani federal interior ministry. She was given a scholarship by Turkey, a Muslim country, to study in Turkey despite being a Hindu. It is rare for a Pakistani Hindu to be mistreated. But yes, there many cases of mistreatment. And this year extremists objected to a govt plan to build a Hindu temple in Islamabad using public funds. Extremism is an unfortunate reality, but the good news is that the govt will build a Hindu temple, and a majority of Pakistanis support this. BTW, right now, the largest program to renovate Hindu temples outside of India is taking place in Pakistan, where the govt is renovating temples across Pakistan that were abandoned in 1947.

Journalist. National security, human rights, crisis communication. Keywords: brief & sharp.

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