India’s International Isolation on Kashmir

Ahmed Quraishi
12 min readOct 14, 2019

India’s Hitler is Isolated in Kashmir
India today is globally isolated in Kashmir. Not a single country today endorses India’s annexation of Jammu and Kashmir. The United Nations system and the global media consider Kashmiri territories as disputed under international law. Indian leaders and diplomats face harsh questions in every international forum on New Delhi’s one-sided escalation of tensions in a region where the international focus is on ending wars and bringing peace, as is being done in Afghanistan.

India’s reckless decision opens a new opportunity for the international community to resolve the oldest pending dispute on UN Security Council agenda — and it is possible.

Instead of playing a constructive role for stability, there is reasonable doubt that India is trying to disrupt Afghan peace process by distracting Pakistan and the United States, and likely even disrupting a key component of President Trump’s 2020 midterm election campaign: a successful withdrawal from Afghanistan. Indian policies are disruptive, favoring an unstable Afghanistan to keep Pakistan in turmoil, and refusing market access to American and European products, in unfair trade practices. On Kashmir, India has ensured the failure of every single effort to resolve the conflict bilaterally. If a book is written on Kashmir negotiations, it will mostly be about how Indian leaders and diplomats played every trick in the book to delay, disrupt, and obstruct a final peaceful settlement of the conflict. In 72 years, instead of inching closer to a solution, India did everything it could to expand disputes, issues, and hatred in order to make conflict resolution in Kashmir impossible with each passing day. This Indian obsession has led to the unleashing of Nazi-style violent fascist ideology called Hindutva, in which women, minorities, and foreigners are assaulted and where stick-wielding, frothing, and swearing mobs are free to lynch anyone at will, record videos of the violent attacks and upload to social media and celebrate it as the Indian state watches. As the world ends its half a century of silence on Kashmir, and as Kashmiri suffering finds a global voice, it is now time to force a peaceful solution in Kashmir through mediated, multilateral diplomacy that includes a UN-supervised referendum at some point, and also hold…

Ahmed Quraishi

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