Iran To Neighbors: Support us on Soleimani or Face Unrest

Iran has reportedly conveyed a warning to "all neighboring states" to publicly condemn Soleimani assassination or be ready for "reprisals."

My sources: Governments that neighbor Iran fear IRGC will organize public protests inside their countries through proxies, revive sectarianism, and blackmail neighboring capitals. Some early signs detected. Tehran is demanding show of support. The clerics, the Khomeinists, appear shaken, want to revive confidence of proxies across the region who might be getting ideas about the future of the ayatollahs government in Tehran, which has been a great paymaster over the years but has faltered recently.

This report is based on my interactions with two diplomats I spoke with in two capitals in the region on Friday and Saturday, and is based on a series of posts on Twitter.

Journalist. National security, human rights, crisis communication. Keywords: brief & sharp.

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